5 Layer High Efficiency Particulate Air Disposable Filtration Mask Filters

"Dangerous pathogens will pass right through your N95 or less mask..."

How can you make sure that your mask is really protecting you?

It's like having your own HEPA air purifier in your mask...

Place one CoCosani Natural replaceable mask filter inside and automatically filter the air you inhale by an additional up to 99.9%!  The CoCosani Natural replaceable mask filters are universal and will work with any PPE mask.  

*Safe for children and adults!

*Easy and effortless to use!

CoCosani Natural's D.I.F.S' Mask Filtration System units capture viruses and other pathogens and contaminants, allowing you to breath in fresher, cleaner, purified air with every breath.

The CoCosani Natural Disposable Filtration System (D.I.F.S.) unit is like having your own personal air purifier inside your PPE mask!

Place one inside your mask or most whatever you use to cover your mouth and nose and immediately - you are protected from up to 99.9% of all contaminants, allergens and most odors and gases!


(Only $1 each unit)

One unit lasts up to 1 week 

*Reusable. Disposable. 100% Biodegradable!


Easy. Comfortable. Effective.

"How do I use my D.I.F.S.?"

1. Securely put your mask on your face...

2. Place one D.I.F.S. into your mask in front of your nostrils and/or mouth...

3. Inhale and exhale as you normally would.  In a securely fitting mask, your D.I.F.S. unit will stay firmly and comfortably in place.  

Reusable. Disposable. 100% Biodegradable.

Drop In Filtration System - Mask Accessory Only $1 each!