Our Story. -P. R. Thomas, Co-Founder

Problem meets solution meets better solution...

The road to the solution that is CoCosani All Natural Hand Sanitizer is a simple one.  As, I like to think myself, a bonafide germaphobe, anything that went to war against germs, bacteria and/or viruses was my friend and commonly used by me!  With the onset of the newest Corona virus avid sanitizer use has now become commonplace.  That being said, the problem that I had always experienced as the result of consistent sanitizer usage is now the same problem that virtually every person using sanitizer now faces - sanitizers dry your hands, making your hands dried out and cracked looking and feeling!  

Here, at the Clean Nature Company/117 Investments, we were determined to find a better way - and JUST IN TIME!

 Almost one year in clinical trials, development and $10ks later...CoCosani was born!

CoCosani All Natural Hand Sanitizer solves this problem.  

CoCosani will kill 99.9% of all germs and bacteria and make viruses ineffective while leaving your hands soft and supple looking and feeling!  But there's more!  CoCosani keeps sanitizing where all other sanitizers stop!  Our trademark sanitizing and moisturizing "bubbles" allow you to `SEE your CoCosani All Natural Hand Sanitizer hard at work....sanitizing your hands while  leaving them soft and supple looking.

CoCosani - Try it. Love it. Buy it again.  That's our goal and we work hard to satisfy you. 

We are a Foundation company, committed to excellence.

Our Core Values

*It's about quality.

*It's about being effective.

*It's about changing lives.